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All the Government Intelligence You Need

Without research, you could be missing out on some of the best opportunities to win government business. If you find you are spending too much time looking for bids, Onvia can help you save time and money by focusing only on the opportunities that fit your industry and geography. You are just one click away from increasing your revenue.

Developing a long term strategy requires information well in advance of the bid or RFP. Early indicators of future spending include:
awardsfrom state(s) selected above

Provides historical information on contracts and identify the winning vendor and agency contact for the award. Use this information to research competitors and identify agency contacts you can influence for future awards.

Advance Noticesfrom state(s) selected above

Provides warning of the intent of an agency to initiate projects. They identify budget and agency contacts and are sent out one or two months before the bid or RFP is published, giving vendors time to work on bid preparation.

recurring contractsfrom state(s) selected above

Provides information on contracts that are awarded on an ongoing basis, the timing for the award and agency contacts involved in the award. Use this information to plan for upcoming contract opportunities to determine fit, competition and pricing.

Agency planSfrom state(s) selected above

Provides an indication of priorities for agency spending along with budget parameters. Use the information to decide if you should start to work on influencing the contacts at the agency for future proposals.

Which point to:
Get to know this person before your competitors do.


Find Thousands of Future Government Spending Plans

Getting in early helps you cut through the red tape. Dozens of vendors could be competing for a bid by the time it’s published. Onvia helps you target the agency decision makers to build relationships before the bids are published so you can influence the specifications. Don’t just react, act!

You can't pursue all
when your average response time is
By doing the
[ RESEARCH ](Project Specs, Historical Data, Awards, Descriptions, Agency Contacts)
if you qualify 20%
OPEN Projects
With a higher
A successful government proposal cost about 1% - 2% of the initial Contract Value*.


Beat the Competition with Real Time Daily Notifications!

By putting your attention on the best opportunities for your company, you can carefully craft your responses to RFPs and bids to differentiate your company from the competition. Creating a solid response that meets the agency requirements and highlights your company's solution, is critical for consideration by the agency. Stay ahead of the competition and win more government business.

  • Narrow your search to find the best contract opportunities
  • Identify the key contacts at the agencies to develop relationships
  • Research competitive vendors to see what contracts they won and how you can win

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